Light Grey Vertical Stripes BedSheet


Light Grey Vertical Stripes BedSheet

A Light Grey Vertical Stripes Bedsheet is a soft and durable bed cover in a calm light grey color. It stands out with thin, straight lines running from top to bottom, giving it a modern look. This simple yet stylish design makes it a versatile addition to any bedroom. It comes in various sizes to fit different beds and is easy to clean in a washing machine. Overall, it’s a comfy and attractive choice for dressing up your bed.


TC 400
100% Cotton
Elegant Embroidery
Skin Friendly
Breathable Fabric
Dyed in Brilliant Shades
Suitable for Gift
Package Includes:


1 Bed Sheet
1 Pillowcase

Double & King:

1 Bed Sheet
2 Pillowcases


Single: 160×260 cm
Double: 240×260 cm
King: 270×260 cm


Single, Double, King


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