Deep Pink Multi Colour Printed Bedsheet


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Deep Pink Multi Colour Printed Bedsheet:

Revamp your bedroom with our awesome Deep Pink Multi Colour Printed Bedsheet! It’s not just soft; it adds a ton of style to your bed. Picture a cozy deep pink shade that makes bedtime extra comfy. Plus, the prints are super fun and lively! This bedsheet is made with really good stuff, so it’s not only soft but also lasts a long time. Whether you want to give your room a quick makeover or just want to feel extra cozy, our Deep Pink Printed Bedsheet is perfect. It’s like a style upgrade for your bed! If you’re ready to make your bedroom super cool, grab one of these bedsheets. Your bed will love it, and you’ll be sleeping in style! Time to bring some deep pink and cool prints to your room – get yours now and make your bed look awesome!


TC 400
100% Pure Cotton
Elegant Embroidery
Skin Friendly
Breathable Fabric
Dyed in Brilliant Shades
Suitable for Gift

Package Includes:

1 Bed Sheet
1 Pillowcase

Double & King:
1 Bed Sheet
2 Pillowcases

Single: 160×260 cm
Double: 240×260 cm
King: 270×260 cm


Single, Double, King


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